REVIEWS Review : is Voissy paying, legit or scam?

Many people have been asking for review, how does work, how to make money on, how to login account dashboard, how to register to, is legit, is scam, who is this owner of, does has apk or app, when was launched or created, how to get referral, is fake or real, and many other questions relating to If you are among the people searching or asking for any of the questions above then you are lucky to be here because you are on the right place as everything about this platform will be discussed thoroughly in this article.

Today I welcome you back to our home of financial updates for another legit making money guide. Our team (mulagist) is always available to give you proper guidance on any online income platforms you wish to register into. Our motive is to help people (online hustlers) to gain more knowledge about any platform they wish to register into in other to free from being scammed by online fraudsters.

Note: We are not paid for writing this review but we want to reduce the number of people being scammed by online fraudsters. Ensure to read this article carefully to the end.

DISCLAIMER: Mulagist was not paid neither affiliated not even in partnership with Voissy, hence this review is strictly for the education of our readers, and anyone who is interested in this earning platform.

What is is a website that provides with people the opportunity to make money online by carrying out some simple tasks on their website and this can be done by the uses of your smart phone or any internet enabled device at the comfort of your room or home.

The tasks members are expected to carry out is to complete paid online surveys and inviting people to join the platform.

According to their website “They said because your time and your opinion are precious, you will be rewarded each time you completely answer a survey. You will receive rewards in the form of points. Once you have accumulated enough points you may convert them into cash through PayPal, Amazon gift cards and other great rewards. The more you participate, the more you earn”.

The above information was copied directly from their website.

How does work?

Voissy provides with its registered members the opportunity to make passive income online. The good thing about this platform is that no stress attached, with just your smart phone or laptop you could be making more money to support your daily needs.

How to make money on

To make money on Voissy platform, you must be a registered member by visiting the website and filling a sign up form then submit. When you register into this platform, you will start making cool cash through the following ways.

  • Welcome bonus: when you have complete your registration process, you will receive 300 points instantly in your account dashboard
  • Referral bonus: Any person you introduce to the platform and the person register using your referral link, you will have a commission per prospect.
  • Daily tasks: You can start completing paid online surveys and daily returns i.e profits on the platform.

Note: These rewards can be redeemed through Giftcards, PayPal, Amazon and more.

Who can be a member on ?

Fortunately, anyone can be a member on Voissy once you have either smart phone or laptop or any other internet enabled device, you are good to go.

Voissy accept membership from the following countries as listed below:

  • France
  • Indonesia
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Brazil
  • Ireland
  • Nigeria
  • United State
  • Russia
  • Italia
  • Ecuador, etc.

What is the registeration fee on does not require any registeration fees from users as registration is free. No hidden fees attached, with just your smart phone you are qualified already to be part of the platform.

How do I sign up or register on

Registeration on is quite easy. Follow the guides below;

  • Go to their official website at
  • Tab on the navigation key and click on “Register”
  • Input your details correctly as required and provide a strong password.
  • Click on the sign up button to finish your registration. Boom! You are a member.

How do I login to my account dashboard ?

Everything about is simply, especially to login to your account dashboard.

  • Click here to their official website and click on the sign in page
  • Input your email address and password
  • Click on the sign in button

How do I register someone on

This is the most interesting and fastest way to make money on the platform. For any prospects you introduce to join the platform through your referral link, you will automatically get commission. So don’t miss this offer, follow the steps below to avoid loosing your commission when registering a prospect.

  1. Login to your account dashboard, go to the referral area and copy your referral link and then logout
  2. Ensureto clear your browser data, paste the link or send it to your friends through social media if they want to register by themselves.
  3. Input the details of your prospect correctly just the way you registered yourself. But if you send your referral link to anyone, make sure you encourage them to register using your link to avoid missing this bonus
  4. Then click on the sign up or register button to finish the registration. Once any registration is successfully completed through your referral link, you will receive your commission.

Who is the CEO or Founder of

The owner(s) of decided to keep their identity secret from the public reasons better Known to them. During our research, we have tried our best to make sure we find out who the owner of this platform is all about but no reliable details was gotten. We visited their website but every information needed is hidden.

However, in the future we find out the owner of this platform, this article will be updated automatically.

When was launched?

The website do not disclose the date the platform was launched or created which mark the platform suspicious.

Why should I join

Voissy serves as means of earning the opportunity to the world at large…

Because irrespective of your status like your gender, or Age, you will also be profitable with Voissy. If you are a student, graduate, or seeking a job and you you are on this platform, you can make cool cash from their earnings opportunity by carrying out some certain tasks. If you have a smart phone or any other internet enabled device then you are good to go.

Take advantage of your friends on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Contact them and make money for yourself.

Don’t allow the present economic situation of the country to put your back on the ground. Grab the opportunity and make good use of it.

Is legit?

Saying is a legitimate platform at the moment will be wrong because there have not been payment proof so far and the platform has no owner.

With time we will get to know if the plaform is legit or not. However, if you are a registered member of this platform please do share with us your experience through the comment section.

Is Scam? can not be tagged a scam platform because there have been no complaints from registered members at the moment. But there are so many red flags found on the platform which mark the platform unsafe to invest in.

Engaging yourself with this platform is not advisable at the moment because the owner(s) of the platform failed to make their identity known to everyone. Therefore, If you lose your money on the process nobody to be held responsible.

If you have any thoughts on this platform, please share them in the comment section below. Withdrawal?

You can request for withdrawal on this platform once you’ve accumulated the withdrawal threshold.

When you complete the surveys available on the platform and you accumulate as many points as required. Then these points can be converted automatically to cash and You can make your withdrawal using any of the payment methods available like; PayPal, Amazon Gift cards, etc


Thank you for spending the time to read this our Voissy review to the end. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments concerning this review please endeavor to drop them in the comment section below to enable us improve.

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