How To Borrow Data From 9mobile [Updated 2021]

Borrowing data from 9Mobile is as simple as dialling *665*amount#. However, knowing how to borrow data from 9Mobile is one side as there are certain criteria that you must meet before you qualify to borrow. Data is very important and needed by virtually everyone for different uses. Basically, your data running out when surfing the net remains one of the most annoying things that could happen. Therefore, this is why it is important to know the code to borrow data from 9Mobile. You can check out our posts on how to borrow airtime from 9mobile and how to transfer airtime on 9mobile.

Which 9Mobile package is best for data?

Basically, although things are always changing, the plan that is best for data subscription at the moment is the 9Mobile Heavyweight Awoof offer. In addition, this plan is accessible to all customers and offers you 1.5GB with N500, N200 for 1GB, and N100 for 500MB valid for 7 days. However, there are other options that you may prefer depending on your needs and estimated data consumption. See our posts on how to borrow airtime from Airtel and how to borrow data on Airtel.

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How to borrow data from 9Mobile

Firstly, take note that 9Mobile does not allow subscribers to borrow data directly at the moment. Therefore, you have to borrow airtime, which you can then convert to data. Also, 9Mobile only allows certain individuals to borrow airtime. To become eligible, you have to recharge at least N500 a month. See our posts on how to borrow airtime from Glo, how to share data on Glo, and how to unshare data on Glo.

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You can easily check your eligibility status by texting send STATUS to 665 or dialling *665#. If eligible, you can then borrow airtime by dialling *665*amount# in order to purchase your preferred data plan. Also, another thing you should note is that borrowing airtime attracts a service fee of 15% charge from your next recharge. Putting that in context, if you borrow N500, your phone would be credited with N425. Note that the exact percentage changes and may no longer be 15% in the future. See how to borrow airtime from MTN.


Borrowing data is the easiest way to get yourself out of deep waters. The process of how to borrow data from 9Mobile is as simple as dialling *665*amount# and then proceeding to purchase your preferred data. The whole process takes minutes to complete. See how to link NIN to 9mobile.

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