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Hi, you are welcome to our Home of financial updates (mulagist) where we discuss in-depth making money guide. When it comes to making money guide, our team try her possible best to give authentic informations about online income platforms and we are likely go deeply in various aspects to make sure you as our reader would be able to make a proper decision when it comes to registering into online platforms due to online scammers.

Here comes another online income program called which would be explained properly in this article for the benefit of all the online hustlers. Be rest assured that all frequently asked questions will be answered correctly to your satisfaction. You are expected to read this article carefully to the end and don’t skip a sentence due to the viral content of this article. Keep reading!

I assure you that by the end of this review you will be able to know how works, is legit, is scam, who is the owner of, how to make money on, how do I login to my account dashboard, how do I register on, What about Referral, Withdrawal, and so on.

DISCLAIMER: Mulagist is not in any way affiliated or in partnership with Novanga, this review is solely for the education of our readers.

What is is a newly launched online investment platform build to help its registered members make money on their website by carrying out some specific tasks. These tasks include; investing your money on the platform to get daily returns.

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Members will also be given a unique referral link which could be used when inviting people to join the platform in other to earn commissions.

How does work? requires members to register on their platform before he/she could be able to have access to make money from the platform. Then, after registration, members are expected to choose any investment plan and deposit to start making money. They claim that if members properly utilized these opportunity can make them earn passive income with just the use of any internet enabled device.

The minimum investment amount on is N3,000 where you earn N100 for completing your daily tasks. While the maximum subscription amount is N2,000,000 where you earn over N8,000 daily.

Inviting family and friends to join the platform through your referral link is another way to make more money from the platform. When anyone registers on the platform through your referral link and make deposits funds into their wallet, you will get commission for each prospect.

How to make money on

Investing your money on the platform is the major way of making money on this platform. When you register on the platform, you will get rewarded of N300 as welcome bonus. You can earn money from the platform by referring your family and friends to join the platform.

The amount of money members can make from this platform solely depends on the investment plan you pay for. That is to say, the higher the plan you pay for, the higher the amount of money you make from the platform. You could be making up to N83237 per tasks you successfully completed daily.

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Below are the investment plans available on also known as solar panels.

Primary Solar

  • Price: N3000
  • Hourly Income: N2.96
  • Daily Income: N71.04
  • Total Income: N8525
  • Effective term 120days

Primary Solar

  • Price: N9000
  • Hourly Income: N9.86
  • Daily Income: N236
  • Total Income: 28397
  • Effectiveterm 120days

Primary Solar

  • Price: N26000
  • Hourly Income: N29
  • Daily Income: N718
  • Total Income: N86256
  • Effective term 120days

Primary Solar

  • Price: N70000
  • Hourly Income: N89
  • Daily Income: N2143
  • Total Income: N321588
  • Effectivet term 150days

Basic Solar Panel

  • Price: N160000
  • Hourly Income N213
  • Daily Income: N5115
  • Total Income: N767,340
  • Effective term 150days

Basic Solar Panel

  • Price: N260000
  • Hourly Income N358
  • Daily Income: N8598
  • Total Income: N1,289,736
  • Effective term 150days

Intermediate Solar Panel

  • Price: N500000
  • Hourly Income: N799
  • Daily Income: N19183
  • Total Income: N3,453,106
  • Effective term 180days

Intermediate Solar Panel

  • Price: N1000000
  • Hourly Income: N1660
  • Daily Income: N39841
  • Total Income: N7,171,459
  • Effective term 180days

Intermediate Solar Panel

  • Price: N2000000
  • Hourly Income: N3468
  • Daily Income: N83237
  • Total Income: N14,982,710
  • Effective term 180days

How to Register on

  • Click here to visit sign up page
  • Provide your correct details in the space provided
  • After that, Click the REGISTER button.

How to login to dashboard?

Follow the guide below to Login to your account dashboard.

  • Click here to visit
  • Provide your username or email and password
  • Click on SIGN IN and you will be logged in. Referral program?

Share your referral link through social media with your friends and make sure they register through your link then watch your earnings grow higher.

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Who is the CEO or Owner of

This is the most asked question, people are so eager to find out who is the owner of the platform he or she is registering into. However, it’s smart to know the owner of any platform before registering into it, this is because it helps to increase trust and also transparency.

Unfortunately, decided to keep it’s identity secret from the public reason best known to them.

When was launched?

The website was launched or created on the 29th of January, 2023 according to our research from many sources.

How to withdraw on withdrawal is quite easy, once you have reached the minimum amount to withdraw you can place your withdrawal request and wait for payment through a USDT account or local bank account.

The minimum amount to withdraw is N6,000 and payment usually take within 24 hours to drop according to the platform.

Is legit?

Saying is a legitimate platform at the moment will be wrong because there have not been payment proof so far and the platform is still new.

With time we will get to know if the plaform is legit or not. However, if you are a registered member of this platform please do share with us your experience in the comment section.

Is scam? can not be tagged a scam platform because there have been no complaints from registered members at the moment. But there are so many red flags found on the platform which mark the platform unsafe to invest in.

Engaging yourself with this platform is not advisable at the moment because the owner(s) of the platform failed to make their identity known to everyone. Therefore, If you lose your money on the process nobody to be held responsible.

If you have any thoughts on this platform, please share them in the comment section below.


Thanks for your time spent in reading this review. Please let us know if this article was helpful by making use of the comment section below.

We hope in seeing you safe and guided from online fraudsters.

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