Remita Loans in Nigeria – Types and How to Apply

Remita is one of the most popular digital transaction platforms in Nigeria, offering users a secure and quick way to get loans and transfer money. It exists to solve the problem of managing multiple platforms for varying financial activities. Therefore, with Remita, you can both transfer, recharge, access your balance, and many more. However, one of its most popular features is the Remita loans in Nigeria. This article discusses everything you need to know about its loans.

Remita loans in Nigeria

An overview of Remita

Remita started primarily as an electronic payment platform that allows users to effectively manage their accounts and make transactions at a low cost. However, since its establishment, the company has grown to offer several other financial services including payroll management, account management, tax analysis, and more. Today, Remita remains one of the top digital solutions for financial transactions all across Nigeria.

Remita loans in Nigeria

Remita loans perhaps, remain one of the most popular features of the platform in Nigeria. Basically, their loan system allows you access to loans through their partners, which includes payday, paylater, and page financials.

1. Payday loan

A payday loan allows you to borrow a certain percentage of your earnings in advance. Therefore, this sum is deducted as soon as your salary comes into your account. To access Remita’s payday loan, simply visit their website.

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2. Paylater

Much like payday loan, paylater also follows the same principle of operation. Therefore, it is only accessible to customers with proof of steady income, which determines the maximum amount you can borrow.

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3. Page financials – Remita’s financial partner

Page financials is a Remita partner and one of the top loan providers in the country. They allow you to opt for quick loans of up to N5million in less than 3 hours. Regulated by the central bank of Nigeria, page financials. However, note that you have to be a staff of a reputable organization, preferably a federal civil servant, and have very solid proof of income to be eligible.

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Remita mobile application

The Remita mobile application is a one-stop for all the financial transactions you might want to carry out as a business or individual. Basically, it gives you access to all Remita’s services at the snap of a finger. You can download the application from the google play store or the apple store and start using it today.

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Some of its features include:

  • Send money and pay bills with ease
  • Manage your standing orders
  • Request money in style through electronic invoice
  • Easy tap to pay options through QR codes
  • View and manage your several bank accounts
  • Receipt generation and airtime/ data purchase


With Remita, digital financial transactions and money management have never been easier. All you need to do is download the app, register, and you would have free access to all the amazing benefits that come with the platform.


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