MAKE MONEYREVIEWS Review – Is Gigwalk app Legit or Scam?

You are welcome back to our Home of financial updates (mulagist) where we discuss in-depth making money online guide. When it comes to making money online guide, our team try her possible best to give authentic informations about online income platforms and we are likely go deeply in various aspects to make sure you as our reader would be able to make a proper decision when it comes to registering into online platforms due to online scammers.

A lot of online income programs keep launching on the internet each passing day, that are making all kind of claims just to gain more members to join their platform. Although, some of these platforms are legit, some are launched on the internet to pay its users at a certain time and later fade out. While some are just there for scamming purposes, they decieve many online hustlers into an engagement with them claiming that it’s the high-quality manner of making cool cash on the internet. When members have tried to reach out their requirements to accumulate more money and cash out from the platform, they eventually turn out to disappoint their members.

In many cases from my experience, the owner of the platform might run an affiliate ads or sponsorship ads which can not fetch them much money, this can probably make them to pay few members as a reward of their daily activities on the platform to earn from ads revenue.

These illigal activities have gotten to our notice and we feel the pains of seeing people who depend on online income platforms to make small money yet fraudsters will scam them online. In this case we have decided to compile a comprehensive review about online income platforms for the education of our readers which will enable them to get more ideas on any online platform they are registering into before making decisions.

So for you to avoid being scammed by these platforms checking reviews should be your first action to carry out before investing your money into any online program.

Here comes another online income program called that claims to pay its users from $10 to $100 monthy. It will be explained properly in this article for the benefit of all the online hustlers. Be rest assured that all frequently asked questions will be answered correctly to your satisfaction. You are expected to read this article carefully to the end and don’t skip a sentence due to the viral content of this article. Keep reading!

Many people have been asking for review, how does work, how to make money on, how to login to account dashboard, how to register to, is legit, is scam, who is this owner of, does have apk or app, when was launched or created, how to get referral, is fake or real, and many other questions relating to

If you are among the people searching for any of the questions above then you are lucky because you are on the right place because everything will be discussed in this article to your understanding.

DISCLAIMER: Mulagist was not paid neither affiliated or in partnership with Gigwalk, hence this review is strictly for the education of our readers, and anyone who is interested in this earning platform.

What is is a mobile app build to help its registered members easily secure jobs available around you. This app is available for both Android and iOS users and it accept membership from any part of the world.

According to the website “Gigwalk is a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to find quick jobs (“Gigs”) in your area. A Gig is represented by a pin on the map in our mobile application and can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours to complete and pay anywhere from $3 to $100. Clients see the work Gigwalkers submit through the app on our back-end Gigwalk platform.

The above information was copied directly from the platform.

How does work? requires members to register on their platform before he/she could be able to have access to making money from the platform. Then, after registration, members are expected to follow the instructions below to get jobs around you.

  1. When a Gigwalk software registered customer posts work it appears as “Gigs”. You can find this in the
    Gigwalk app through the map and Gig list.
  2. You can check the list and find Gigs around your area that look good.
  3. Apply for a Gig by navigating to the “Apply to this Gig” and click the button.
  4. You get notification when your application has been selected or approved and you will be given detailed instructions on how to complete the work.
  5. After completing the work, you can then submit it through the Gigwalk app.
  6. Your work will be pending for customer reviewers, they might approves it or probably ask you a quick follow-up question or two.
  7. Once your work is being approved, you will get paid directly to your PayPal account. As simple as ABC.


Treading Updates:

How to make money on

 1. Download the App

The Gigwalk app is free and it’s available for Android and iOS users.

At the moment, this Gigwalk app is only available in the United States, Canada, and the UK. It is believed that the app has over 500,000 downloads. It requires Android 4.4 or higher, that means almost all Android users can download it. While for iOS, you need iOS 9.0 to run the Gigwalk app.

 2. Create an Account

Once you have downloaded the Gigwalk app on your phone, install it and create an account using your email address.

Gigwalk sends you a confirmation email, so you need to check your email inbox and follow the instructions by clicking on the button to finish creating your account.

Finally, you will need to answer a brief demographic questionnaire. It it’s all about yourself in other to enable Gigwalk understands who you are and the information you provid will be used by the companies you complete tasks for.

 3. Claim Local Gist

On your main screen in the Gigwalk app you will find “available” gig dashboard, this is basically a map that indicates all of the available gigs around you.

You can also search for any available jobs around your area by clicking on the “Search this area” button.

Specifically, Gist list:

  • How much will I be paid
  • Your current distance to the gig
  • How long will each of the jobs take
  • The date you start and the ending date
  • A description of the requirements of the job and any other tips or notes
  • A map to enable you get directions to the gig

When you claim a gig, you have to put it on a waitlist. You can see your gigs you’re waiting for approval for by navigating to the “Waitlisted” button.

These jobs are likely take a few hours, but in most cases it takes for days to finally get approved.

 4. Complete Gigs and get paid

This is very important to make sure you complete your assigned gigs within the timeframe, before the deadlines after claiming any tasks. It’s also advisable to make sure you complete every Jobs you are assigned.

How to Register on

  • Click here to visit sign up page
  • Provide your correct details in the space provided such as your first name, last name, company’s name, industry, email address, and password
  • Mark the agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy button
  • After that, Click the REGISTER button.

How to login to dashboard?

Follow the guide below to Login to your account dashboard.

  • Click here to visit
  • Provide your email address and password
  • Click on SIGN IN and you will be logged in.

How to download the app or apk

You can download the Gigwalk app or apk through Google Play Store for Android user while for iOS users you download the app on Apple Store.

Who is the CEO or Owner of

This is the most often asked question, people are so eager to find out who is the owner of the platform he or she is registering into. However, it’s smart to know the owner of any platform before registering into it, this is because it helps to increase trust and also transparency.

Fortunately, according to our research, we found out that is owned and managed by Ariel Seidman.

When was launched? has been in existence for over 13 years now. It’s recorded that was launched or established in 2010 according to our research from many sources. contact address?

There are email address through which you can get in touch with the owner of the app. Check below;

Email address:


Is legit?

Yes! It is confirmed and tested that is a legitimate app. Members have been testifying of payment everywhere around the internet and it has many positive reviews.

If you can follow instructions properly as directed and give your correct details, then you will get paid by the platform for completing jobs.

Is scam?

No! Gigwalk app is not a scam at the moment this article was published. It is obvious that the companies can take longer period of time to verify and approve your work.

How much can I make from

They claim to pay its users from $3 to $100 depending on the time they spent and the location.

It’s believed that you can make $25 to $100 monthly if you live in an area where there is too much works.

How to withdraw on

You will need to visit and open an account with PayPal if you don’t have any which your money will be sent through.

Then add your PayPal email, make sure it’s different from your Gigwalk Profile email.


Thanks for your time spent in reading this review till the end.

If you have any questions or you tried, let us know what you think about it in the comment section below. How was your experience?

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