REVIEWS Review: Reliable or Scam ? is a platform that allows it’s members to invest and get daily returns from it. For a better understanding you are advice to read this article to the end to see how it operate, if it’s reliable or Scam.

In today’s article we will be reviewing on a newly launched platform known as This platform claims that any registered member is qualified for daily interest depending on the amount the member invested.

Before you invest on, your time is needed by going through this article for proper understanding before investing in it, reasons being that some of these platform’s are being owned by scammers who will introduce their platform to you and then fold after you have invested in it.

While investing your money, it is very important to know if the platform you choose is reliable, and trustworthy. In this review, our aim is to provide you all the necessary informations you need to know if the platform is legit or Scam. You are advice to read further on this article for a proper understanding on how the platform works.

Disclaimer: This review is based on research and analysis as of the date mentioned. It is always recommended to conduct your own research and exercise caution while investing in any financial platform.

What is is an online investment platform that was built by unknown person(s) claiming to help those who register into the platform to make passive income by performing some specific tasks available on the platform. The tasks members are expected to perform include; choosing any of the investment plans available on their website by depositing your money to get daily returns in a period of Months depending on the amount you invest. And also earn when you login to your account daily.

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How does works requires members to register on their platform before he/she could be able to have access on making money from the platform. Then, after registration you will be rewarded with N217 as a welcome bonus which will be displayed on your dashboard instantly.

Moreover, If you wish to earn more money, then you are expected to choose any of the investment plans that suits you and deposit your money to start getting daily returns in less than no time.You can make a minimum deposit of N1500 where you earn N150 per day, or a higher amount you can afford

There are different available investment plans on, the minimum amount available on the platform to invest is N1500 where you can earn up to N150 daily, and a maximum investment plan of N600,000 where you earn 1.8% daily.

How to make money on

Earning money on is very easy, once you have successfully completed your registration and invest with the minimum amount or higher that you can afford.

As a registered member you can also earn money by just performing a little tasks every day by login in daily. How you earn depends on the type of investment plan you invest in, which means the higher the plan the higher the daily income you get from the platform.

You can also be earning higher by inviting friends and family through your referral link. Anyone who successfully register and activate his/her account through your link, definitely, the platform rewards you with a commission. investment plans

Below are the investment plans available on where you can choose any of them and deposit your money to get daily returns.

Initial Fund

  • Amount : N1500
  • Daily Income : N150
  • Cycle : 3 days
  • Total amount : N1950

Brain Fund B1

  • Amount : N4000
  • Daily Income : 4.5%
  • Cycle : 7 days

Daily Necessities Fund

  • Amount : N7%000
  • Daily Income :3.2%
  • Cycle : 15 days

Electricity Funds

  • Amount : N20000
  • Daily Income :2.9%
  • Cycle : 30 days

Technology Fund

  • Amount : N50,000
  • Daily Income : 2.4%
  • Cycle : 180 days

Medical Fund

  • Amount :N300,000
  • Daily Income : 2.2%
  • Cycle : 360 days

Energy Fund

  • Amount : N600000
  • Daily Income : 1.8%
  • Cycle : 1000 days

Who is the founder of

These are some of the important things you need to know before investing on a platform. It is good to know the founder of a platform before registering into it, this is because it helps to increase trust and also transparency.

Therefore, we have done many researches to make sure the founder of is made known to everyone. But unfortunately, the founder is unknown at the moment writing this article. They have decided to hide their identity, best reasons known to them.

When was launched?

It’s good to know when a platform you are investing on started, with this you’ll know if it’s new or it has being existing.

From our research, we discovered that this platform called was launched or created on April 2023.

How to sign up or register on

  • Visit their Official Website at
  • Click on the sign up or register page button
  • Provide your correct details in the space provided such as your phone number, email address, country and password
  • Enter your invitation code
  • After that, Click the REGISTER button.

How go sign in or login to account dashboard?

Follow the guide below to Login to your account dashboard.

  • Visit website
  • Click on the login button
  • Provide your phone number or email and password
  • Click on SIGN IN and you will be logged in.

How to withdraw on

To withdraw from you just need to click on the menu icon and click on profile, and add your bank details to withdraw your earnings.

So long as you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount then you are eligible to withdraw. Referral

There is another profitable way of making extra money on this platform particularly through referral bonus. The referral program allows you to earn commissions by inviting new members to join the platform through your referral link. claims that when at least 10 new member joins the platform and invest through your referral link, automatically, you stand a chance of having N2500, at month end. withdrawal

So long as you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount, which is N1500 then you are eligible to withdraw. You can withdraw both your profits and investment at a time.

Once you start earning, go to your withdrawal page to see when your withdrawal is ready, place your withdrawals details and wait for 24hours for your withdrawal to be successful as clamed by the platform.

Is paying ?

From our research, the answer is yes, but one thing about online investment platforms is for the fact that they are paying doesn’t mean it will keep paying, so we advise you invest what you can afford to loose.

Is legit?

It is important for you to know that this platforms operates as a Ponzi scheme, which means it’s collapses unexpectedly. Consequently, deciding to participate in this venture entails assuming full responsibility for any associated risks. comes with many promises, but the truth must be told, is not a crypto mining platform you should rely on, reasons being that it can crash at anytime.

The platform might pay at first time launched, but crash to thin air as time goes on, so as i advice you invest what u can afford to loose.

Is scam?

There have been no complaints of being scam from its registered members. But there are proofs of payment as of when this article was published. However, It is advise to exercise caution and be aware of the potential risks involved.

If you wish to register into this platform, make sure you do so with the money you can afford to loose.


We appreciate the time you spent on reading this our review on,
For now we haven’t receive any complain about, however your trust should not be placed on this platform, so as to say, it can fold at anytime.

We believe you’ve gotten answers to this question is legit or Scam and also how the platform operates.

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