HOW TOMAKE MONEYREVIEWS Review: Legit? – Mulagist is a platform that allows it’s members to invest and get daily returns from it. Read down this article to see how they operate, if it’s reliable or Scam.

While going into, your time is needed by going through it for proper understanding before investing in it, reasons being that some platform’s owners are scammers who will introduce their platform to you and then fold after you investing in it.

In today’s article we will be reviewing on a platform known as This platform claims that any registered member is qualified for daily interest depending on the amount the member invested.

In this article I will expose all that you need to know about to enable you make proper decision when investing in to this platform.

In this article, we will be exposing some secrets about this platform known as, answering some questions on what is, review, how does work, how to make money on, how to login to account dashboard, how to register to, is legit, is scam, who is this owner of, does have apk or app, when was launched or created, how to get referral, is fake or real, how do I withdraw my money from and many other questions relating to etc.

For a better knowledge of this platform you have to patiently read this article to the end in other to know if investing on platform is reliable or Scam.

DISCLAIMER: Mulagist was not paid neither affiliated nor in partnership with, hence this review is strictly for the education of our readers, and anyone who is interested in this earning platform.

What is is an Investment platform that assures the payment of a member on daily returns of the amount you invest in to the platform, it depends on the amount invested on the platform to get daily returns.

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How does works?

After your registration to the platform, you automatically earn N300 as a welcome bonus and also be given the chance to start earning money.

Before a member starts earning this money you need to choose a plan on the platform and make a deposit.There are different levels or plans and you can find them in your account.

They have a minimum investment plan of N2,000 where you can earn N720 every day and a maximum plan of N1,000,000 where you can make up to N500,000 daily as long as you are a registered member.

How to make money on

Making money on is very easy, after registering as a member and also investing on any of the plan you can afford. The amount you earn depends on the specific investment plan you choose to pay for.

Note: The higher the level or the plan you invest in, the greater your potential daily earnings from the platform. However, you can increase your earning by inviting friends by posting your link on social media such as; Facebook, Twitter, whatsApp, etc. investment plans

Product 1

  • Investment amount: N2,000
  • Daily Earning: N720
  • Cycle: 30 Days
  • Total Earnings: N21,600

Product 2

  • Investment amount: N5,000
  • Daily Earning: N1,825
  • Cycle: 30 Days
  • Total Earnings: N54,750

Product 3

  • Investment amount: N10,000
  • Daily Earning: N6,670
  • Cycle: 30 Days
  • Total Earnings: N100,100

Product 4

  • Investment amount: N20,000
  • Daily Earning: N7,360
  • Cycle: 30 Days
  • Total Earnings: N220,500

Product 5

  • Investment amount: N50,000
  • Daily Earning: N18,450
  • Cycle: 30 Days
  • Total Earnings: N553,500

Who is the owner or CEO of has decided to keep it’s identity hidden, reasons yet known,nor information about the owner/CEO.

When was launched

Before investing on any platform you need to know when it started functioning, how long the website has been operating, so as for you to know if it’s reliable or Scam.

From our research, we find out that this was launched or created on April 2023, which means, it’s two months older than the time writing this article.

What is the registration fee on

To be a registered member of this platform, you don’t need to pay a token to have access to the platform. The registeration on this platform is totally free, no charges, just with your smart phone, laptop or any other internet enabled device, you could be making cool cash at the comfort of your home. But after registeration you will need to invest in the platform with your money to earn daily returns.

How to register on How to join

  • Visit their Official Website at
  • Click on the sign up or register page button
  • Provide your correct details in the space provided such as your phone number, email address, country and password
  • Enter your invitation code 456782
  • After that, Click the REGISTER button.

How to login to dashboard?

Follow the guide below to Login to your account dashboard.

  • Visit website
  • Click on the login button
  • Provide your phone number or email and password
  • Click on SIGN IN and you will be logged in.

Who can be a member on

Fortunately, anyone can be a member on as they accept membership from anywhere once you have either smart phone or laptop or any other internet enabled device, you are good to go.

What is the minimum withdrawal on

Only those members that are eligible to placed a withdraw request on this platform are those who have reached the minimum withdrawal amount. From our research, the minimum withdrawal amount is N1000.

Is paying

Before writing this article, we have seen a payment proof from the platform which indicates that it paying at this moment. But that doesn’t mean it will last forever, I can advise you to invest what you can afford to loose.

Will I be paid without any referral?

According to, users can earn money and recieve payment once they meet their minimum withdrawal even without referral.Therefore you can place a withdrawal without any referral. But I can advise you that referral is necessary as it will increase your earning to cast out fast. Affiliate program

This is another way you can make money by inviting friends and family to join the platform using your referral link. claims on offering a member a commission of 35%, 3% and 1% respectively from your level 1 to 3 referrals. This commission is giving to you for bringing new users to the platform.

Is legit? is a newly launched investment website, there’s no negative reports yet from users. The platform is just like other investment platforms which we have come across, some may pay while many won’t even pay.

My advice to you is to invest what you can afford to loose if it folds, if you’re interested and ready to give them a try.

Is scam? for now can’t be recorded as scam reason being that there’s no proof to back up for now, but still can’t be said as legit because of online scammers, hence; we are still looking forward to seeing how works. Therefore, Invest what you can afford to loose if In case it folds.


We appreciate the time you spent on reading this our review on
For now we haven’t receive any complain about, however your trust should not be placed on this platform, so as to say, it can fold at anytime.

We believe you’ve gotten answers to this question is legit or Scam and also how the platform operates.

Help share your experience and drop your comment on the section below. Also subscribe to our blog through the notification icon or join our WhatsApp group for latest updates.

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  1. They are not paying after 30 days profit return
    . Please don’t invest Your money there they are scammers.

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