Loan services in Nigeria explained

Asides from commercial and microfinance banks, the loan sector of the Nigerian market has relatively strong establishments. More so, this is due to the numerous financial service providers springing up all around the nation. Many provide debt analysis, as well as recommend the best loan approach, while some only connect lenders to those in need. However, whichever role they play remains a vital part of the market and helps a lot of businesses. Read on to find out the companies for top loan services in Nigeria that you should know about.

Loan services in Nigeria

There are several loan services in Nigeria that would adequately meet your needs. Also, these individual companies have their distinct advantages, which you should know before committing. In a wrap-up, here is a list of some of the best loan services in Nigeria:


StartCredits is one of the top loan services providers in Nigeria. Also, they provide a free loan search feature on their website, allowing you to spot the best loan and interest for your need. Asides from that, they also provide educational materials to enlighten you better on lending, including financial calculators for practicality. Furthermore, their other services include credit planning, credit score analysis, and investments, and they are in partnership with top banks in Nigeria.

Rosabon Financial Services:

Rosabon financial services can be summed up in four points; partnerships, personal loans, vehicle leases, and investments. Therefore, they help you achieve your financial goals by providing access to millions of naira in loans. Also, one of their strong points is the quick disbursement duration. Apply and get a loan as quickly as possible.

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Skystone capital:

SME funding, personal finance, funds management, leases, debtor factoring, and Financial Advisory, are some top Services that sykstone capital provides. Also, they provide cutting-edge financial solutions with excellent customer service and fast disbursement of loans.


Lmoney thrives on providing an excellent loan calculator that allows you to simulate and kick-start your loan journey. Amazingly, you can get access to a N2 million loan within only 24 hours. Also, with LMoney, obtaining a loan couldn’t be any easier.     

C24 Limited:

C24 is another excellent company offering loan services in Nigeria. They offer up to N1 million in loans and a minimum of N40,000 with excellent disbursement time. Also, you can easily apply for a C24 loan online.    

Page financials:

Page financials is your one-stop for online banking activities, especially in loans and investments. Furthermore, they offer an amazingly user-friendly site that allows you to chat with agents on the go.  


Migo is more than just a loan service provider. More so, it offers banking, merchant, fintech and telcos financial services. As a fintech, you can make credit payments and overdraft facilities anywhere when carrying out digital transactions. Also, they offer amazing loans at flexible competitive rates that would suit just your needs.     

Fundquest Financial Services Limited:

fund quest financial services are licensed by CBN to provide loans, leases, investment, and advisory services in Nigeria. Also, they run a secure mobile payment option that allows you to pay for anything through their mobile app.

CFS Financial Services Limited:

CFS services has been operating since 2002 when it was licensed by the central bank of Nigeria. Also, they’ve grown over the years, providing excellent customer service with impressive results. Furthermore, their products include credit services, treasury services, and CFS special products.

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Companies that provide loan services in Nigeria are very important to the prosperity of businesses and individuals. However, although this list does not contain all the companies providing loan services in Nigeria, it includes some of the best in no particular order. In essence, you can safely reach out to any one of them to obtain a loan today. You can also read more on crowdfunding platforms, Naijafund is your best bet.


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