How To Transfer Airtime on Glo [Updated 2021]

Although there are a couple of things you should know on how to transfer airtime on Glo, the most important is the USSD code *131*recipient number*amount to be transferred*pin#. Basically, Glo allows you to transfer airtime to your friends and loved ones on the Glo or other networks. Also, this can be done with a couple of methods which we are going to explain in this article.

Glo remains one of the oldest and largest communication networks in Nigeria, with millions of subscribers all around the state. Their network service is top-notch, along with excellent customer service for users. See Glo NIN registration process.

With this Glo airtime transfer option, you can send airtime to friends and family as you see fit. However, note that any bonus airtime that comes with recharging cannot be transferred. This means that only the amount of airtime you recharged directly with *123*pin# can be transferred. The rest are more or fewer bonuses and cannot be sent to another user. You can read on how to borrow airtime from Glo.

How to transfer airtime on Glo to Glo line

The process of airtime transfer between Glo customers is very easy and are three in total. They include:

Using the USSD Code

Arguably the easiest and most convenient method to use. Basically, it should be your most preferred option, with the other two being on standby in case it fails. Here are the steps on how to transfer airtime on Glo through USSD:

  1. Insert your Glo sim into your device
  2. Dial *131# and wait for the prompt. If successful, Glo would request that you input the recipient’s phone number as well as the amount you intend to transfer and your pin too.
  3. If you would rather dial everything at a go, simply use the code: *131*recipients number*amount* pin#
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However, before you transfer, you would have to change your default pin (00000) to whatever you want. Basically, you can do this by dialling *132*00000*new pin*new pin#.

On completing the steps above without network interruption, your account would be debited while the transfer recipient’s account debited. You can read how to unshare data on Glo.

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Dialling Glo customer care

Dialling Glo customer care is for those who prefer a more vocal approach to solving this problem. Basically, it is as simple as dialling their customer care number, and here is how to go about it:

  1. Dial their official customer care number; 121.
  2. After dialling, you have to wait for some minutes and request to speak to an agent.
  3. Explain your request to the agent and he or she would request the number you intend to transfer airtime to. Within a minute or two, your airtime balance would be debited while the recipients’ balance credited.

Sending a mail to Glo customer care

If you prefer the mail option, sending a message to Glo customer care mail is also an easy way to transfer airtime. Basically, you have to follow the steps below:

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Simply indicate that you want to transfer airtime from your Glo line to another number. To make things easier, copy this as the subject of your mail “I want to transfer airtime from my balance to another Glo number”. Also, note that doing this would ensure that your mail doesn’t end up in their spam folder.

For the body, copy and paste this; “Hello, I write this to request your help for me to transfer *the amount of airtime you want to transfer* to *the recipient’s number* from my Glo airtime balance with phone number 0805XXXXXXX. Please, it is urgent. Thank you”


With the directions above on how to transfer airtime on Glo, you can easily share airtime with your friends and family. You can read on how to share data on Glo.

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