EarnXchange.net Review: Is EarnXchange Legit, Scam or Fake? Get answers here

EarnXchange.net Review: Is EarnXchange Legit, Scam or Fake? Get answers here

EarnXchange.net is an online income platform that offers various opportunities for users to earn rewards. However, before deciding to participate in this platform, it is crucial to be aware of certain essential aspects. This review aims to provide you with pertinent information to make an informed decision.

If you’re looking for information about EarnXchange.net and whether it’s a legitimate platform or a scam, it’s important to conduct thorough research before investing your time and money. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about EarnXchange through the following subtitles; what is EarnXchange.net, EarnXchange.net review, how does EarnXchange.net work, how to make money on EarnXchange.net, how to login to EarnXchange.net account dashboard, how to register an account on EarnXchange.net, is EarnXchange.net legit, is EarnXchange.net scam, who is this owner of EarnXchange.net, does EarnXchange.net have apk or app, when was EarnXchange.net launched or created, how to get EarnXchange.net referral, is EarnXchange.net fake or real, how do I withdraw my money from EarnXchange.net and many other questions relating to EarnXchange.net.

EarnXchange claims that users can earn money every day by simply logging in daily. However, it’s crucial to verify the legitimacy of such platforms before signing up. Many online platforms offer enticing offers to attract users, but not all of them deliver on their promises. Some platforms only pay for a short period of time, while others may take your investment and disappear.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent platforms, it’s essential to perform due diligence and research before investing your hard-earned money. Many users fail to conduct proper research before diving into online investments, which often results in financial loss.

Disclaimer: This review is based on research and analysis as of the date mentioned. It is always recommended to conduct your own research and exercise caution while investing in any financial platform.

What is EarnXchange.net?

EarnXchange.net is an affiliate marketing platform based in Nigeria. It allows users to earn money by completing simple tasks on the platform. These tasks include daily logins, sharing sponsored posts, and referring others to join.

According to the platform, EarnXchange is an online community that offers individuals an opportunity to utilize the internet and turn their everyday social media activities into a platform for both learning and earning. It provides a chance for individuals to develop valuable skills while generating passive income at the same time.

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How does EarnXchange.net works?

EarnXchange.net is a platform that offers you the opportunity to earn money by completing tasks. To get started, you need to sign up for an account on their website. I will guide you through the signup process in this article.

To register on the platform, you will need to pay a registration fee of N3,000. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a welcome bonus of N2,000. This will give you full access to start earning money by completing daily tasks on the platform.

You can earn even more by inviting your friends and family to join EarnXchange. Simply share your referral link with them, and when they successfully register an account, you will receive a commission as a reward.

By following these steps, you can easily start earning money on EarnXchange.net. Remember to complete your registration and take advantage of the welcome bonus, and don’t forget to invite others to join using your referral link to increase your earnings.

Break down on how EarnXchange.net works ?

  • Registration fee: N3,00
  • Welcome bonus: N2,000
  • Sponsored post share: N200
  • Daily site survey: N200
  • Affiliate bonus: N2,000
  • Indirect referral bonus (2nd): N200

How to make money on EarnXchange.net

Earning money on EarnXchange.com is incredibly easy, and you don’t need any specific skills to get started. The amount you earn on this platform depends on the activities you engage in. By completing daily tasks, you can earn around N400, and for each user you refer using your unique invite code, you’ll receive N2,000.

When you register on EarnXchange, you’ll instantly receive a welcome bonus of N2,000. This gives you a head start in earning from the platform. To continue earning, you can perform daily tasks such as sharing posts on your social media accounts, participating in surveys, and referring people to join the platform.

Your earnings on EarnXchange are directly related to the activities you carry out. By completing the daily tasks, you can earn approximately N400. Additionally, for each user you successfully refer to the platform using your referral link, you’ll receive N2000 as a reward.

If you’re looking to earn even more, EarnXchange offers an affiliate program. By using your referral link to invite friends and family to join the platform, you can earn a commission for each person who registers and activates their account.

Earning money on EarnXchange is simple and accessible to everyone. By completing daily tasks, referring others, and participating in the affiliate program, you can increase your earnings on this platform. Take advantage of this opportunity to earn money effortlessly.

Activities earning?

Earning money on 9ratech.com.ng is very easy, once you have successfully completed your registration you will be given a welcome bonus of N2,000.

You can also be earning higher by performing your daily tasks of about N400. Every day you login to your account and complete survey, you earn N200, also once you share a post you earn N200 making up your N400 daily earnings.

Earning by referral?

Here is another profitable way of making extra money on this platform particularly through referral bonus. The referral program allows you to earn commissions by inviting new members to join the platform through your referral link.

When a new member joins the platform through your referral link, you get rewarded with N2,000 as direct referral and N200, N100, for the 2nd, 3rd, and referrals.

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Earning breakdown on EarnXchange.net?

  • Welcome bonus: After a successful registration, members are eligible to receive a welcome bonus of N2,000.
  • Daily sponsored post: Every day you login to your account and share a sponsored post to your social media account (Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp) you automatically earn N200.
  • Referral bonus: when a member registers into the platform using your unique referral link, automatically you will get rewarded of N2,000 as a commission.
  • Indirect referral: When the person who registered using your referral link also refer someone else, you will earn N200 from it.

Can I get paid without carrying out tasks?

Yes! You can get paid without performing daily tasks but you must get referrals to be able to withdraw. For non affiliate earners must perform tasks which will enable them get paid.

Can I get paid without referral?

Yes! EarnXchange.net claims to pay its registered members who have been performing their daily activities but couldn’t get referrals. Referral is not compulsory but is necessary and I advice everyone registering into this platform to make sure you get referrals to avoid story that touches the heart. I’m sure you understand what I mean.

What is the EarnXchange.net Registration fee?

To be a registered member of this platform, you need to pay a token to have access to the platform. You are to pay the sum of N3,000 which is the coupon code only, no hidden fees attached.

How do I sign up or register on EarnXchange.net?

Registration on EarnXchange.net is quite easy. Follow the guides below;

  • Go to their official website by typing https://earnxchange.net or CLICK HERE to purchase activation code from any of the verified vendors.
  • Chat with any of the vendors on Whatsapp to make your payment for the code
  • Once you have purchased the activation code, go back to the registration page or click here to visit the website
  • Enter your details correctly and provide all the required information such as your email address, Username, Referral Username and Password
  • Apply the activation code you have purchased
  • Click the button to accept or agree to their terms and conditions
  • Click on the register button to finish your registration process.
  • Boom! You are now a registered member.

Note: Do not pay money for activation code to anyone whose name doesn’t display on the platform. Ensure to fresh the page before contacting any of them to enable you get informed who has been removed or added to the list, and you are to pay N3,000 only.

How do I login to my EarnXchange.net account dashboard?

Everything about EarnXchange.net is simply, especially to login to your account dashboard, Here are the steps:

  • Go to their official website and click on the sign in page or click here to visit the website
  • Input your username and password
  • Click on the sign in button

How do I register someone or EarnXchange.net referral?

This is the most interesting and fastest way to accumulate more money on the platform. For any prospects you introduce to join the platform through your referral link, you will automatically get a commission of N2,000. So don’t miss this offer, follow the steps below to avoid loosing your commission when registering a prospect.

  1. Login to your account dashboard, go to the referral area and copy your referral link and then logout
  2. Ensure to clear your browser data, paste the link or send it to your friends through social media if they want to register for themselves.
  3. Input the details of your prospect correctly just the way you registered yourself. But if you send your referral link to anyone, make sure you encourage them to register using your link to avoid missing this bonus
  4. Then click on the sign up or register button to finish the registration. Once any registration is successfully completed through your referral link, you will receive your commission instantly.
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Who can be a member on EarnXchange.net?

Fortunately, anyone can be a member on EarnXchange.net as they accept membership from anywhere once you have either smart phone or laptop or any other internet enabled device, you are good to go.

Who is the CEO or Founder of EarnXchange.net?

As of the time of writing this article, the founder and CEO of EarnXchange.net remains undisclosed. The decision to keep this information private raises questions about their intentions. It is important to note that this approach absolves any specific individual or entity of liability in the event of any potential issues or losses.

When was EarnXchange.net Launched?

Understanding the duration for which an online platform has been operational is vital in assessing its credibility and reliability. In the case of EarnXchange.net, the website was launched on June 15th, 2023. Consequently, it can be classified as a relatively new platform.

EarnXchange.net Withdrawal

In order to make a withdrawal from EarnXchange, you need to fulfill certain requirements before gaining access to the withdrawal portal.

  • For Non-Affiliate Withdrawals: If you are participating in activities to earn rewards, the minimum withdrawal amount is N24,000. You can request a withdrawal on the 2nd day of each month.
  • Minimum Affiliate Withdrawals: The minimum withdrawal amount for affiliates is N4,000. Withdrawal requests for affiliates can be made daily.

Note: withdrawal process may differ depending on whether you are an affiliate or not. Kindly ensure that you meet the specified conditions before attempting to withdraw your earnings.

Is EarnXchange.net Legit or Scam?

EarnXchange.net is a platform that has recently emerged, but its legitimacy is still uncertain due to limited available information. One major concern is the anonymity of the platform’s owner, which makes it difficult to establish trust.

We would greatly appreciate your valuable input and personal experiences with EarnXchange.net. If you have used this platform, we invite you to share your reviews in the comment section below. By doing so, you can help others make well-informed decisions based on real user feedback.

At this point, it is important to note that there is no concrete evidence to label EarnXchange.net as a scam. However, it is crucial to exercise caution when dealing with similar platforms. Many of these platforms have been involved in fraudulent activities, where they collect money from new members and use it to pay out existing members. It is always advisable to approach such platforms with skepticism and do thorough research before investing time or money.

Note: Mulagist is dedicated to closely monitoring EarnXchange.net to determine its true nature and gather insights from its members. As we gather more information, we will promptly update this article to keep you informed.


We appreciate your time in reading our analysis of EarnXchange.net so far. Based on our observations, it is advisable to proceed with caution if you decide to participate in this online affiliate marketing platform. If you are unable to refer someone or join in a timely manner, it is unlikely that you will receive any payment. If you have any inquiries or additional insights regarding EarnXchange.net, please feel free to leave a comment below. We value your questions and contributions.

To stay updated, we encourage you to join our WhatsApp discussion group and also subscribe to our blog through the notification icon for the latest updates as they come. By doing so, you can stay connected and receive the most recent updates regarding EarnXchange.net.

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